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Introduction and components of laser cutting machines


 The laser cutting machine is mainly composed of two parts, one is a CNC operating platform, and the other is a machine tool. The principle of laser cutting machine refers to the energy released when the laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the workpiece to melt it, achieving the intention of cutting. It uses a laser beam emitted from a laser generator, passing through the optical path system, and then being focused into a high-power laser beam. The laser heat is absorbed by the workpiece, and the temperature of the workpiece rises sharply. After reaching the boiling point, it begins to vaporize and form holes. With the high-pressure airflow, as the beam moves relative to the workpiece, the material eventually forms a slit.

There are many types of lasers in general laser cutting machines, and different types of laser cutting machines can be classified according to different substances.Common lasers are those that use solid materials as the medium, represented by solid-state YAG laser cutting machines.Laser with gas as the medium, represented by CO2 laser cutting machine.Laser with fiber as the medium, represented by fiber laser cutting machines.Components of laser cutting machine:Machine tool host part: Laser cutting machine tool part, divided into X, Y, and Z-axis motion mechanical parts, including cutting operation channels; Laser generator: a device that generates a laser light source;External optical path: a refracting mirror used to guide the laser in the desired direction;CNC system: Control the machine tool to complete the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes, while also controlling the output power of the laser;Stabilized power supply: connected between the laser and CNC machine tool in the power supply system; Cutting the beginning: mainly includes components such as cavities, focusing lens seats, focusing mirrors, capacitive sensors, and auxiliary gas nozzles;Control panel: used to control the entire cutting device operation process; Chiller unit: used to cool the laser generator; Gas cylinder: including laser cutting medium gas cylinder and auxiliary gas cylinder; Air compressors and storage tanks: providing and storing compressed air;Advantages of metal laser cutting machine: high precision, fast speed, small heat affected zone, not easy to deform, extremely high cost-effectiveness, and low operating cost; The follow-up maintenance cost is very low, the function is stable, and sustainable production. 




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