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Composition of laser cutting machine


Components of laser cutting machine:Machine tool host part: Laser cutting machine tool part, divided into X, Y, and Z-axis motion mechanical parts, including cutting operation channels;Laser generator: a device that generates a laser light source; External optical path: a refracting mirror used to guide the laser in the desired direction; CNC system: Control the machine tool to complete the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes, while also controlling the output power of the laser; Stabilized power supply: connected between the laser and CNC machine tool in the power supply system; Cutting the beginning: mainly includes components such as cavities, focusing lens seats, focusing mirrors, capacitive sensors, and auxiliary gas nozzles; Control panel: used to control the entire cutting device operation process; Chiller unit: used to cool the laser generator; Gas cylinder: including laser cutting medium gas cylinder and auxiliary gas cylinder; Air compressors and storage tanks: providing and storing compressed air;Advantages of metal laser cutting machine: high precision, fast speed, small heat affected zone, not easy to deform, extremely high cost-effectiveness, and low operating cost; The follow-up maintenance cost is very low, the function is stable, and sustainable production. 

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