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Development Trends of Laser Cutting Machines


Due to the improvement of high-power laser beam mode and the application of 32-bit microcomputers, high-speed and high-precision laser cutting machines have created favorable conditions for the high-speed and high-precision of laser cutting equipment. Large laser cutting machines for thick plate cutting and large-sized workpiece cutting are developing from sheet metal processing of light industrial thin plates to focusing on industrial thick plate cutting with the increase of laser power available for laser cutting. A variety of five or six axis three-dimensional laser cutting machines have been developed to meet the needs of three-dimensional workpiece cutting in industries such as automobiles and aviation. The number of CNC axes reaches nine, with fast processing speed and high accuracy. The application of laser cutting robots is becoming increasingly common in automotive production lines in advanced countries. The three-dimensional laser cutting machine is developing towards high efficiency, high precision, multifunctionality, and high adaptability, and its application range will become increasingly large. In order to improve productivity and save labor, laser cutting is developing towards laser cutting units (FMC) and unmanned and automated directions. The development of this type of unit automation system must rely on automatic cash control, network control technology, and computer-aided production management system technology. There are various types of laser cutting units available for the market abroad, and there are unmanned cutting production lines composed of six large laser cutting machines as the core operating in factories. With the reduction and increase in power of the laser mentioned, as well as the continuous improvement of auxiliary devices, compact and integrated CNC laser cutting machines have emerged, which tightly combine the laser, power supply, host, control system, and cooling water circulation device to form a complete set of compact laser cutting machines with small footprint and complete functions. In addition, laser cutting technology is being combined with laser welding, laser surface quenching and other laser processing processes to develop a versatile machine and further improve equipment utilization

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